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About us


In Mikkaibi-Town, we produce mainly Unshu mandarin oranges, such as Wase and Aoshima, on an area of about 9 hectares (35 sites: about twice as large as Tokyo Dome).


We also undertake agricultural work, such as clearing abandoned land, pruning mandarin orange trees, and picking fruits. We work quickly to meet the needs of our clients, fully utilizing our accumulated expertise, knowledge, and agricultural equipment.


For farmers, we provide consulting services focused on web strategies such as website development, online sales, and dispatch of information. We also offer lectures and seminars for those who are thinking about engaging in farming or starting a business.



At our farm, we produce fruits, such as ume plums, blueberries, loquats, and figs, without using any pesticides. We sell juices and jams made from those fruits.

Export of products

As competition in the domestic market intensifies, we are also looking to develop overseas sales channels and are working on export projects such as online sales at Amazon USA Store and at vending machines in Hong Kong.


We sell processed agricultural products made from some of the fruits harvested at the farm. We are responsible for selling our products, not relying on others.


We have "the mandarin oraneg tree owner system" where our staff cultivates the owners' trees and the owners can experience the harvest. Owners can take home all the harvested mandarin oranges.

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