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Health benefits of mandarin oranges

“Vitamin C,” a great help for beauty and health

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for prevention of cold, aging prevention, and skin health. It is also essential for the synthesis of collagen, which maintains glowing skin and bone health. Mikan oranges are rich in vitamin C.


It has the effect of preventing lifestyle-related diseases and inhibiting carcinogenesis.“β-cryptoxanthin”

There is an old Japanese proverb, "Mikan orange colors, the doctor turns pale." The orange color of mandarin orange is due to β-cryptoxanthin, a pigment composition. It’s a type of carotenoid with an inhibitory effect on carcinogenesis. It is especially effective in preventing skin cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer.

Besides this, it prevents osteoporosis and inhibits hypertrophy of fat cells. Among various foods, particularly Unshu mandarin oranges contain a large amount of β-cryptoxanthin (1-2 mg a piece). It is not too much to say that mandarin oranges are the best source of β-cryptoxanthin for Japanese.

"Minerals & Folic Acid" to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease

Mikan oranges are also rich in vitamin B1, which is effective in relieving fatigue, and folic acid, which is essential for preventing cardiovascular diseases like myocardial infarction and for cell metabolism.


“Fraponoid compounds” effective in preventing arteriosclerosis

​These are abundant in the flesh of a mandarin orange, especially in the white cottony (albedo) between the segments and peel. These ingredients have long been known as vitamin P. They help protect blood capillaries and strengthen blood vessels.

Recently, it has also been reported that these contribute to lowering cholesterol, improving bone metabolism, preventing carcinogenesis, and resisting allergies.

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