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Sunny Spot Farm staff members


Hiroyuki Takahashi

Nickname:  President

Hobbies:  Travel and playing the guitar

What you’re good at: PC operation and web surfing

​​What you don’t like: Socializing and alcohol

Memories: Our processed products did not sell at all at the time of release. Now I'm happy that they are selling little by little after much trial and error. 


I used to be an engineer. The second generation of a small-scale farmer. When I took over the family business, there were fewer fields, warehouses, and machines. Now that I have more staff members, I enjoy working every day.


Masako Morita

Nickname: Morizo

Hobbies: Watching movies, karaoke, playing with my children, and reading books

What you’re good at: Talking to strangers easily, singing songs, and fantasizing 

​​What you don’t like: Horror stories and movies, damp and dark places, scream machines, cockroaches, and people who only say negative things


 I’m full of mischief. I put on a whoopee cushion during the break. I placed a big frog at the president's feet. I was just trying to surprise him, but he didn't notice and stepped on the frog. I was sorry for it. 


I want to look to things that make me happy and energetic, and always keep smiling. I want to be an unsung hero. My dream is to become a cute elderlylady.

Agriculture is hard work. But it’s a wonderful job that supports our “life” and “food culture.” Nature heals us, and the more we take care of plants, the better they grow. I like each farm work because it has a clear purpose and I can do it without hesitation. For these reasons, I love farming. We want many people to eat delicious mandarin oranges that we have grown with all our hearts.


Takahiro Suzuki

Nickname: Taka-kun

Hobbies: Motorcycle, off-road motorcycle riding, and watching movies

What you’re good at: Handling machines and PCs

​​What you don’t like: Millipedes, centipedes, and shellfish food


 When we were working in the heat of summer, shaved ice that a neighboring farmer made for us was very delicious. At the agricultural cooperative, I nearly mistook our company's light truck for someone else's vehicle. ​こと。​



Junko Sonohara

Nickname: Jun-chan

Hobbies: Calligraphy, watching movies, and watching Korean TV dramas and listening to Korean music (influenced by my daughter)!

What you’re good at: Making people laugh (no confidence), eating (lol), and calligraphy

What you don’t like: Caterpillars, cauliflower, and public speaking


 Sunny Spot Farm is very pleasant to work in! Everybody is friendly! I enjoy every day! I am grateful to be able to work so happily! I'm thrilled to be able to use a mower. It surprised my family! It's great that I can have a lot of experiences through work!


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